Husse, Kunstleder, Stehtisch, tablecloth, table top, faux-leather, artificial-leather, Hotel, Lobby, Bar, Lounge, Restaurant, Gastronomie, Einrichtung, Möbel
bar table
bar table
Husse, Kunstleder, Tisch, Skirting, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Lobby, Lounge, Einrichtung, Mobiliar, Möbel, Gastronomie, excluxiv, tablecloth, tabel-top, faux leather, aritificial leather.

bar table

Regular price €169.00

Husse aus Kunstleder für Stehtische.

Perfekt für Stehtische in der Hotel-Lobby, Bar, für Ihr "Get-together".

  • moderner Lounge-look 
  • konisch zulaufende Seitenblende (Kegelform)
  • Seitenteil wird mit Reißverschluß verbunden
  • schnell auf- und abgedeckt
  • langlebig, reißfest und abriebfest
  • pflegeleicht

Faux leather tablecloth.

Perfect for bar tables in the lobby, lounge-bar, for your get-together.

  • modern lounge look 
  • conical side panel ( cone shape)
  • side panel ist connected with zipper
  • quickly opened and covered
  • water-, tear- and scratch-resistant
  • easy-to-clean
Material: High-quality faux leather with a fine calf leather grain and subdued print image. It is impressive due to its comfort, robustness, and in particular its flame retardant properties, which allow this innovative material to meet the strict B1 standard.

Material properties: fulfills REACh requirements, highly resistant to abrasions, resistant to blood, resistant to disinfectants, easy-to-clean, lightfast

Colors: We can provide a large variety of different colors. Please contact us for more color options. We are happy to help. Send us an email

Flame protection: DIN EN4102-B1, DIN EN4102-B2, NF M1, NF M2, AM18, EN1021-1, EN1021-2, BS5852-IS 0, BS5852-IS 1, BS5852-IS 5, ÖNORM 3800 B1, Classe Uno IM, IMO FTPC 8 (intern assurance), FAR 25853 12s, MVSS302, DIN53438